Doctor reveals the secret of Mona Lisa’s smile

A doctor at the University of Texas has discovered that Mona Lisa suffered from severe hypothyroidism and that her vague smile was caused by a psychotic disorder. The latest published theory suggests that Mona Lisa did not suffer from hyperthyroidism or a severe lack of activity, but she probably was not able to sit down to take the picture at the time, as she was suffering from symptoms associated with muscle weakness.

The doctor cites in his interpretation of the yellow color skinned Mona Lisa, the over sized appearance of the thyroid gland, and the lack of eyebrows, adding that her mysterious smile may be a sign of mental retardation by Muscle weakness,
In recent years, rheumatologists and endocrinologists who examined the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci have suggested that women who sat in the picture for hundreds of years suffered from skin blemishes and swelling due to fat and heart disease disorders.

 But Dr. Michael Yaffe of the University of Texas noted that the suffering of the Mona Lisa Of hypothyroidism gave her a bulging neck and made her face muscles weak.

Eggshell re germinate the teeth

Scientists have discovered a remarkable fact that the egg shells that are not usually used in food, are able to germinate teeth that fell afresh,even in the elderly people, who lost hope In restoring their teeth, and most of them are looking for other cosmetic methods to restore them,eating eggshell helps for enamel germination,Although it is not edible in its initial form, According to the studies, it was found that the eggshell has a similar structure to the teeth including a lot of calcium, and many people report great results, after adopting a diet routine involving at least one crust per day.

In order to eat the eggshells properly, you should boil the eggshell briefly, to make sure that are safe to eat, then dry well in a warm oven or microwave, and then grind well and add any juice or delicious meal to cover its taste. Finally, grind it to a very fine powder to avoid the sharp cutting edges .


Hunter ¬ĽA cute dog type of Shiba Inu, a professional painter who collected thousands of dollars because of his drawings ,The British site “Metro”told that “Hunter” is doing amazing work at his home in Alberta, Canada, after learning the drawing from his owner Keney and his wife, Dennis Law,Kenny sells the work of his professional dog in his own shop, and has earned more than 3,800 Australian dollar, about $ 5,000 from 150 paintings.Kenny said”The only thing that distinguishes his paintings is that they do not resemble each other, and we admire him very much,He can be very creative “
Hunter began drawing in March 2017, Kenny and Denise decided to teach him how to paint,until they get some artworks on the wall and they surprised by seeing the paintings of their dog,They decided to continue working with their dog to create more works.
The couple said each drawing session took 10 to 15 minutes and the final works sold for about 43 pounds. They hope to donate some of Hunter’s work to rescue organizations. “We have seen a lot of support for Hunter over the past two years, .. Many people enjoy his work and they are lovers of animals .

The tongue is able to smell

A recent study found that human tongues contain sensors that allow them to smell and identify odors. According to a study conducted at the Center of Philadelphia for Chemistry and at New York University, the result is published by <Chemical Journal>,The researchers found that human taste cells contain several key molecules,it is the same as the receptors of smell in the noses of humans. The results suggest that the main components of the flavor of food, taste and aroma work together on the tongue first before they move to the brain. For the purpose of the study, the researchers produced taste cells in the tongue by growing them in the laboratory.

Thoughts into words ……

Scientists from the University of California have devised a device capable of detecting and decoding brain signals, giving the help of speech to those who lack this ability, where the electrodes processed in human can pick up what a person wants to say and turn it into digital signals, Then he speaks through an automatic voice, The scientists tested the device on five volunteers with electrodes already in the brain as a treatment for epilepsy.

The new technology relies on brain signals designed to move parts of the face and throat in speech, such as jaw, throat, lips and tongue movements. Natural speech production involves more than 100 facial muscles, according to scientists. This technique gives people the ability to speak again as long as they can To imagine words ,The device initially relies on feeding the brain signals in a computer via a neural network connected to a synthesized sound.


Many people have difficulty getting up in the morning and feeling disturbed until late in the day. What are the reasons? A recent study on 1,021 people between the ages of 18 and 77 found that sleep on either side of the body may be the cause of sleep deprivation and difficulty getting up in the morning. the study pointed out that Many of those participated in the study said they slept on either side of the body because they felt comfortable but had trouble getting out of bed and were in a bad mood for hours after waking up.
Meanwhile, 40 participants in the study who slept on one side confirmed that they had intermittent sleep and sleep disturbances. The results also showed that those who sleep on their backs enjoy a comfortable sleep and feel energetic after waking up in the morning.

Cocoa improves brain health

Italian scientists have found evidence that a daily dose of cocoa can act as a dietary supplement to cope with various types of cognitive declination. The team from the University of L’Aquila, Italy, found that cocoa can have beneficial health effects on the brain, especially with the Flavanol compounds found in chocolate,during the experiments conducted on the participants ,The study noted that flavanol compounds boosted memory and enhanced the processing of visual information, and even resisted the effects of sleep deprivation, . It was found that the Long-term consumption of cocoa flavanol by the older people has been shown to improve attention,memory improvement and verbal fluency and it was more useful for those with mild cognitive disabilities or early memory loss.