Doctor reveals the secret of Mona Lisa’s smile

A doctor at the University of Texas has discovered that Mona Lisa suffered from severe hypothyroidism and that her vague smile was caused by a psychotic disorder. The latest published theory suggests that Mona Lisa did not suffer from hyperthyroidism or a severe lack of activity, but she probably was not able to sit down to take the picture at the time, as she was suffering from symptoms associated with muscle weakness.

The doctor cites in his interpretation of the yellow color skinned Mona Lisa, the over sized appearance of the thyroid gland, and the lack of eyebrows, adding that her mysterious smile may be a sign of mental retardation by Muscle weakness,
In recent years, rheumatologists and endocrinologists who examined the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci have suggested that women who sat in the picture for hundreds of years suffered from skin blemishes and swelling due to fat and heart disease disorders.

 But Dr. Michael Yaffe of the University of Texas noted that the suffering of the Mona Lisa Of hypothyroidism gave her a bulging neck and made her face muscles weak.


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