Hunter »A cute dog type of Shiba Inu, a professional painter who collected thousands of dollars because of his drawings ,The British site “Metro”told that “Hunter” is doing amazing work at his home in Alberta, Canada, after learning the drawing from his owner Keney and his wife, Dennis Law,Kenny sells the work of his professional dog in his own shop, and has earned more than 3,800 Australian dollar, about $ 5,000 from 150 paintings.Kenny said”The only thing that distinguishes his paintings is that they do not resemble each other, and we admire him very much,He can be very creative “
Hunter began drawing in March 2017, Kenny and Denise decided to teach him how to paint,until they get some artworks on the wall and they surprised by seeing the paintings of their dog,They decided to continue working with their dog to create more works.
The couple said each drawing session took 10 to 15 minutes and the final works sold for about 43 pounds. They hope to donate some of Hunter’s work to rescue organizations. “We have seen a lot of support for Hunter over the past two years, .. Many people enjoy his work and they are lovers of animals .


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