Eggshell re germinate the teeth

Scientists have discovered a remarkable fact that the egg shells that are not usually used in food, are able to germinate teeth that fell afresh,even in the elderly people, who lost hope In restoring their teeth, and most of them are looking for other cosmetic methods to restore them,eating eggshell helps for enamel germination,Although it is not edible in its initial form, According to the studies, it was found that the eggshell has a similar structure to the teeth including a lot of calcium, and many people report great results, after adopting a diet routine involving at least one crust per day.

In order to eat the eggshells properly, you should boil the eggshell briefly, to make sure that are safe to eat, then dry well in a warm oven or microwave, and then grind well and add any juice or delicious meal to cover its taste. Finally, grind it to a very fine powder to avoid the sharp cutting edges .


7 thoughts on “Eggshell re germinate the teeth

  1. Probably easier to use a toothpaste that contains BioMin F bioactive glass which is approved by the Oral Health Foundation for remineralisation and sensitivity relief. Elsenz toothpaste contains BioMin.

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