A British girl turned her life to yellow color until the New York Post called her a yellow beauty queen. Yellow is a mania for her,the reason for this she is honoring the memory of her father , she is now 35, lives in Los Angeles, America. since the age of seven, Eyla loved Yellow like her father with out knowing it is by genetic, but yellow has become an important part of her life 11 years ago. It also reflected during her wedding preparation ,She and her fiance organized a party and tried to find a new look for the event ,When she came to the idea of ​​wearing yellow in her wedding instead of classic white, she knew from her mother that yellow was the color of her father’s favorite and her mother told her that he loved it because it reflected his happy a loyalty to her father she devoted her self to his memory and became the beauty queen of yellow,Her wedding dress, clothes, car, accessories, and her shoes, became yellow and she went for duty always in a yellow-colored fashion, until she became indisputably Miss Yellow


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