A British girl turned her life to yellow color until the New York Post called her a yellow beauty queen. Yellow is a mania for her,the reason for this she is honoring the memory of her father , she is now 35, lives in Los Angeles, America. since the age of seven, Eyla loved Yellow like her father with out knowing it is by genetic, but yellow has become an important part of her life 11 years ago. It also reflected during her wedding preparation ,She and her fiance organized a party and tried to find a new look for the event ,When she came to the idea of ​​wearing yellow in her wedding instead of classic white, she knew from her mother that yellow was the color of her father’s favorite and her mother told her that he loved it because it reflected his happy a loyalty to her father she devoted her self to his memory and became the beauty queen of yellow,Her wedding dress, clothes, car, accessories, and her shoes, became yellow and she went for duty always in a yellow-colored fashion, until she became indisputably Miss Yellow


Doctor reveals the secret of Mona Lisa’s smile

A doctor at the University of Texas has discovered that Mona Lisa suffered from severe hypothyroidism and that her vague smile was caused by a psychotic disorder. The latest published theory suggests that Mona Lisa did not suffer from hyperthyroidism or a severe lack of activity, but she probably was not able to sit down to take the picture at the time, as she was suffering from symptoms associated with muscle weakness.

The doctor cites in his interpretation of the yellow color skinned Mona Lisa, the over sized appearance of the thyroid gland, and the lack of eyebrows, adding that her mysterious smile may be a sign of mental retardation by Muscle weakness,
In recent years, rheumatologists and endocrinologists who examined the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci have suggested that women who sat in the picture for hundreds of years suffered from skin blemishes and swelling due to fat and heart disease disorders.

 But Dr. Michael Yaffe of the University of Texas noted that the suffering of the Mona Lisa Of hypothyroidism gave her a bulging neck and made her face muscles weak.


The Japanese newspaper( Asahi) informed that the experts from the Japanese agency of space studies, they are aiming to prepare special meals ,which will be consumed the members of lunar mission in the future, supposedly members of lunar mission can consume complete meal by 2040,Where a permanent space base or a few bases will operate on the lunar surface. The main idea is to produce a basic part of food items directly on the moon,and transferring a small portion of which from the earth.

scientists hope the moon will be complemented by an uninterrupted technological cycle that includes not only food production but also food waste treatment. the Japanese suggested models of dishes that could be eaten by moon’s settlers 20 years later, among them were<steak>of beef and chicken cells, they are industrially prepared , and a soup of seaweed and sushi


The shortest women in the word participated in the largest general election in India,where about 90 million people are eligible to vote for a new government and will takeover the authority for next five years.

Jyoti Amge (age 25)and has a length of 64 cm participated to be the shortest women, voted in the city of nagpur,(Maharashtra) the Indian actress,Amge,achieved fame despite her short weight of five kg,after breaking the us record,Bridgette Jordan, she reached the age of 18 with a length of 64 cm,equivalent to the length of a child aged two years,

Amge suffers from the disease of dwarfism,it is is a type of genetic disease occurs because of genetic mutations.